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We make it exactly as you would make it, the same tomatoes you would choose, the same top quality ingredients you would choose, we cook the sauce with exactly the same love you would put into it. Sugo di Casa Ursini is exactly how you would make it, only we make it for you.

We start with an excellent peeled tomato, processed in Abruzzo. We use excellent Italian tomatoes exactly as our grandmothers did. Gli ingredienti usati nelle nostre ricette Artigianali sono semplici e rispecchiano la nostra cultura culinaria. La nostra filosofia parte dall’importanza cruciale delle materie prime, segreto di bontà di ogni nostro sugo.

abruzzo-di casa

We dressed ourselves in Tradition and simplicity.
The Sugo di Casa line features a wrap-around label that simply tells the story of our home cooking, where the hands of our grandmothers and mothers play a key role.

The idea for this label was born 'at home' everyone of us has at least once had the experience of carefully 'crumpling' a homemade food item to give as a gift to someone dear to us, and it is exactly from this simple gesture that our label was born.

Each individual bottle is closed by hand with a natural raffia ribbon, Sughi di Casa is a unique product, just like the folds that are generated on the label during closure.