To surprise you

To one of Italy's greatest culinary traditions, pasta, the Ursini chefs could only dedicate a line of excellent specialities: tasty ready-made sauces resulting from exclusive recipes, profoundly different from the various Boscaiola, Bolognese or aubergine sauces that are massively present on the market and are always the same with the only difference being the label. Ursini sauces are born conceptually different: to satisfy the desire for goodness and the new demands of pasta lovers, while also supporting small farmers who work sustainably to enhance and spread products unmistakably linked to tradition.


Without Tomato

Delicious specialities characterised by the absence of tomato, designed to reproduce some of the tastiest recipes of traditional Italian cuisine.

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A symbol of Italian excellence

Pesto, a symbol of Italian cuisine. It is the 'tomato-free sauce' par excellence that has inspired so many other so-called 'white' sauces. Ursini decided to introduce this line among its products, interpreting the traditional recipe with its own style. A style that calls for a grittier pasta product. And so, next to the traditional pesto and pesto without garlic, the strong pesto appears, for those who love decisive and intense flavours. This variable composition of selected ingredients is the result of a long evolution that, over time, has transformed pesto from a beaten garlic and basil to a real sauce, enriched by the excellent extra virgin olive oil, of which Ursini is a master.