The Prestige Line brings together the excellence of Ursini production.


Taste artefacts

More than just in oil

The story of each Ursini delicacy is a kind of charming little tale, whose protagonists are the delights of the earth, the imaginative research of our chefs and the wisdom of those who use only safe and sincere production techniques.

Handcrafted products of unparalleled goodness and great personality,
totally natural and designed to be an absolute protagonist even as a single dish.

Our specialities enhance the fragrance of fresh seasonal vegetables by offering a taste of the sour always balanced with care and moderation.


Chef and Sommelier

United by Good Taste

The Pestati di Bacco Ursini are the result of careful teamwork between our chefs and renowned sommeliers, in which experience, expertise and unity of purpose are the basis for the creation of tempting and tasty pairings.

Prestigious wines and gastronomic delights support and enhance each other, creating a superior sensory experience that envelops and bewitches from the start.