Intuition, passion and rationality
as key ingredients

Ursini extra virgin olive oil is the expression of the pride and dedication of a Master Oil-Maker who has made excellence his hallmark. Passion, experience and dedication are the foundations of a product that enhances the qualities of the oldest and noblest fruit of our land, those olives entrusted to us by the expert hands of farmers we have known for years. Creating a superior oil, this is the mission of our company.


In perfect balance

The noble soul of Ursini oils manifests itself in absolutely unique qualities such as delicacy of aroma, softness of flavour and velvety consistency. Products with a unique character, indissolubly linked both to ancient roots and to the cutting-edge technology typical of the Ursini oil mill. State-of-the-art technology allows the best possible retention of the authentic flavour notes of tradition. In the family mill, the sensitivity of the Master Oil-Maker dictates that the variety of olives is already separated in the fields, so that both precious monocultivars and refined blends of different types can be created.


Many uniquenesses

Ursini extra virgin olive oil is a family in which each element has its own precise, unique and personal dimension. Tandem Olea, Opera Mastra and Intosso are the spearheads of production thanks to their strictly limited editions. The Solo, DOP and Bio varieties have a taste for innovation and are a hymn to native varieties. Tandem Olea and Opera Mastra are the result of the desire to create absolutely super oils, made with careful blends customised for restaurateurs. The Terre dell'Abbazia oil line in all its formats are an ode to the founder of the family, Pierino Ursini, skilful pruner and our inspiration.


Guarantees the Master

Giuseppe Ursini realises: blending. he chooses the best olives, follows the processing, decides on the packaging stages, disseminates quality.


by the character of Citrus

Our land, that enchanting strip of Abruzzo extolled by poets such as D'Annunzio and known as the Costa dei Trabocchi, has from time immemorial linked its traditions to the citrus fruits that shine in our gardens. From generation to generation they have become the protagonists of homemade citrus oils, produced in small quantities and therefore precious, characterised by a complex and laborious process but also by a persistent fruity perfume in perfect balance between olive and orange tones, yellow and green lemons. It is from this excellence that today Ursini has drawn inspiration for its Agrumati Oils.


of Quality

Ursini's line of spiced oils represents an authentic revolution in the world of flavoured oils, a quality breakthrough in a market that is unfortunately full of pitfalls both for consumers who love authenticity and for serious producers committed to creating specialities of absolute excellence. Ursini has always loved challenges, which is why it has countered the poor quality proposals typical of flavoured oils with its line of excellent spiced oils. A family full of specialities that, starting with the name, is completely different from the usual products that populate this market: the production technique, unique in the sector, is based on the one used successfully for citrus oil, i.e. the simultaneous milling of olives and aromatic herbs.