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The classics of Italian excellence

At the base of an authentic quality cuisine, sauces and tomatoes of unparalleled authenticity and generosity cannot but play a leading role.


Excellence of Abruzzo

August, the month in which the fields of Abruzzo are kissed by the sun and which Abruzzi families associate with the tomato, the protagonist of the centuries-old tradition they share, the production of 'buttije' (bottles). The preparation of homemade passata, a time of hard work and family bonding, revolves around the pear-shaped tomato. The Abruzzo pear tomato, so called because of its 'pear' shape, is one of the best known products of the area for its organoleptic and nutritional characteristics. Its balanced taste is the result of a perfect harmony between sugars and acidity and is rich in lycopene; a tomato can weigh up to 600 grams. Cultivated in small plots in coastal and hilly areas, the pear tomato has a deep red colour and a medium consistency when fully ripe. It is considered a valuable tomato, prized for its low water content and seediness in the seed lodges, its sweet and velvety taste, qualities that make it versatile in cooking, used raw as an ingredient in tasty salads.

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