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The art of embellishing pasta and bruschetta

Among the most inspired productions of our gastronomy are undoubtedly the Ursini spreads a brilliant intuition that pays homage to two protagonists of Italian cuisine: pasta, with pasta dishes that are tastier and more delicious than ever, and bread with absolutely irresistible bruschettas and tartitne. What makes Ursini spreads an inimitable source of pleasure is the ability to preserve the authentic flavour of the ingredients thanks to the special separate cooking of the ingredients that characterise the spreads recipes, an essential plus for every true gourmet.

Ursini spreads are totally natural artisanal products, a line of the highest quality products, offered in 170g jars to suit every need. We use the best ingredients of traditional Mediterranean gastronomy, interpreted in the best possible way by recipes that enhance their qualities. This is what makes Pestati Ursini a concentrate of fragrance that reveals the freshness and authenticity of vegetables and greens. Each jar is a perfect combination of flavours, capable of bringing to the table a frank and personal taste that conquers at first taste.